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Why is it so important ?

Dental Hygiene

How it affects your health

Have you ever heard someone say, "Your mouth has more bacteria in it than on the seat of a toilet."? Well, it's true! Your mouth is home to thousands of different kinds of bacteria -- and that's just in a healthy mouth!


That's why it's so important to practice proper dental hygiene and keep up with regular visits to your dentist's office. Studies have shown that poor dental hygiene, which most often leads to periodontal disease, can lead to severe health complications such as stroke and heart disease. 

Steps to good oral hygiene

1. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day

2. Using an antimicrobial rinse (mouthwash), which acts directly on the oral bacteria in the mouth, to reduce or        prevent plaque and gingivitis

3. Scheduling regular dental cleanings and check-ups twice a year

4. Avoiding tobacco products which encourage plaque and other bacteria to grow on teeth and gums 

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